Why Travel with Us ?

Below are some of the benefits


• Pre Travel Mixer Event
• Daily Itinerary
• Meet & Greet Parties at the Resort
• Build Lifetime friendships
• Organized Excursions
• PCR test Coordination
• Transportation Coordination


• Our Team is always available to answer questions about upcoming trips
• Dedicated Facebook Group Page for Information and Sharing prior to the trip
•WhatsApp and FB Messenger groups while on vacation to stay in touch


• Free Lifestyle and Sexuality Workshops – given by our very own sex therapist Sue McGarvie (sexwithsue.com)
• Other Guest Speakers

Are you tired of travelling by yourself??

Why not join us on our next adventure.

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What our Past clients have to Say




"My week with Duckling Travel at Temptations was everything I had anticipated and I quickly engulfed myself in the total experience. All resort staff were courteous and friendly from the time we arrived to the time of our departure. Big shout out to the entertainment staff for making this such a fun experience. They had us going poolside in the afternoon and on to the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. My feet will never be the same!"



Texas, USA

I am a senior male, who is single and my experience joining this group was very positive. I am from an area of the country far away from where most of the members of the Ducklings live. From the very beginning, they welcomed me and treated me as if I was a part of their group. I had someone to go to meals with and to do fun adventures with. I felt like I was a member of the group from the start. I would highly recommend anyone considering traveling with this group to do so. They are a fun, sexy, accepting and a warm group of people that are a heck of a lot of fun. I continue to be in contact with the people I met and I look forward to future adventures with them.



Ottawa, ON Canada

"My travel partner and I took our first trip to Temptations Adult Resort, Cancun (TTR) in Nov 2021. Our one week stay at the resort was fantastic! Friendly staff kept us busy with fun daytime adult activities and games by the pool. The dress-up theme nights were exciting and over the top! I would recommend TTR to any of my friends looking for a cool adult getaway for some sun, sand and…ah, well, other stuff 😉😎!



Here is the link. We are having a zoom call on Monday, June 27th at 7 pm for anyone interested in joining us. Here is the Meeting ID is 875 1583 3718