1. You aren’t getting any younger. Naturism helps with body image, allows you to get over yourself. If you are holding out until you look better, you may not ever look better than you do right now.

2. Wet, sandy bathing suits are uncomfortable. Being naked gets rid of that. And the feel of the sun and wind on your naked skin is one of life’s great pleasures.

3. No tan lines. “nuff said”.

4. Sensuality. This doesn’t mane sex and many beaches are family friendly. But it does allow for incidental contact between consenting adults and a chance to start the horizontal dance of the ages/

5. Everyone is welcome. Getting rid of trappings like clothes and jewelry let’s you deal with people authentically. And everyone is welcome. Look for a beach near you or join one of the upcoming Duckling travel adventures to someplace safe, friendly and clothing optional.

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