Dating during the Pandemic. Things to do in Ottawa in Stage 1/2 when it gets cold.

List of safe dates you can try during the pandemic.

As it gets colder it is definitely harder. There are a few drive-in (check out Wesley Clover) or you can make your own with friends by projecting movies to the side of buildings.  The great zoo (Saunder’s Little Critters) is closing for the season but Parc Omega in Montebello is open. I strongly recommend the Bistro in Montebello for a safe (and excellent) lunch ahead of time.

Walks in the amazing Perth park off mainstreet with cute restaurants and my favourite the new chocolate and coffee store.

Bundle up and go to Blakeney on the Mississippi a few minutes west of Almonte. It was my High School make out spot and a sheltered, nature spot and small Provincial park.

Walks along the Fletcher Wildlife Centre on Prince of Wales. I would get mugs of coffee and walk the less travelled side of the arboretum. It’s easy and free to park there.

More expensive dates on Elgin Street includes the back patio of the Whalebone, or Al’s Steak House which has plasticized, outside areas with heaters.

There are a few vineyards that are still kicking.  Smokie Ridge outside of Kemptville is doing tastings, as is Kinsip right in Carp. Friday night Kinsip has a date night where you can bring in food and picnic near the heaters. Here is the list. Local wineries to add to your hit list include Jabulani Vineyard & Winery, Domaine Perrault Winery(link is external), Vignoble Clos du Vully(link is external), and KIN Vineyards(link is external).

Mountain Orchards in Kemptville can let you apple pick on a nice day and offers food, donuts, and lots of fun mazes to try.

Le Nordik is still open. Smaller crowds and it changes based on what’s going on in Quebec but a fun way to spend a day.

Speaking of mazes, Saunders Farm in Munster is still open to buy pumpkins and walk the mazes before the snow flies.

And if you are feeling Christmasy, go for a fun day at the Christmas season at the Log Cabin Orchard. They will have fresh cut trees for you to take home, churros, Apple butter, Apple pies, Christmas decorations, a bon fire…and more.

Then there was the trip to Brockville to walk the train tunnel and get (arguably) some of best fish and chips anywhere at Don’s Fish & Chips right near the waterfront.

And then there are the Try a recipe together. Or make complementary  dishes and do porch drop offs.

Or if you have another couple in your bubble it is time to go back to our parent’s house parties where they played games like scrabble, Probe or maybe Cards Against Humanity?

Soon the Christmas lights will be on downtown and you can walk and warm up in different stores with your fetching masks.

Nudism during the pandemic

Great article from CNN about what Nudist’s are during during the lockdown.

British Naturism’s commercial manager Andrew Welch tells CNN Travel there’s been a rise in naturism in Britain over the course of the UK’s lockdown.

He suggests that, for some, deciding not to wear clothing could be the natural next step to spending all day in your PJs or your sweats, no longer required to wear smart office wear.
Welch also connects this uptake to the shift to a slower pace of life and a growing appreciation of the sights and sounds of nature. Plus, Welch reckons that the naturist community’s pivot towards the virtual world has allowed more people to connect with like-minded individuals from across the country — and the globe.
Luft says he’s seen a similar shift in Paris: “People have been following our videos [and] sent emails saying, ‘You’ve inspired us to give it a go.'”

“When you’re feeling confined and closed in and imprisoned, if at least you can take off your clothes that is some way to free yourself a little,” he adds. “So, even in our tiny little Parisian apartments with no gardens and sometimes no balcony or anything, we still have that possibility.”
But while naturism may be gaining some new followers, both naturists say that a big part of the movement’s appeal is embracing nudity en masse.

For naturists, replicating that feeling online is tough — as is the realization that heading off to a nudist resort for a vacation is unlikely to happen for many this summer.
“When you are naked with other people, you are already showing yourself physically, there’s nothing to hide, no disguise,” Luft says. “And so, you tend to be more open, develop deeper relationships, and you talk more openly.”

With travel largely curtailed, vacation resorts across the world have been impacted by cancellations and complications.
Naturist resorts are, in some ways, no different — many naturist travelers and fully clothed travelers alike are being forced to cancel holidays and business owners are balancing the financial implications.
But naturist resort owners suggest that their resorts could bounce back quicker than average, because they offer something specific and attract fiercely loyal clientele.

Certainly, the naturist travelers who spoke to CNN said they’re keen to book a vacation as soon as they can.

“Naturism is something that you can do in your own house — of course you can — but actually, it’s much more about the fresh air and the sense of sunshine and the breeze on your skin. I think people will be craving those opportunities to go and do that within our community,” says Welch.
“There’s nothing like opening the door of your tent one morning or your caravan and just stepping out into the sunshine with nothing on, it really is the most wonderful feeling.”

French couple Martine and Pierre Dutray own Resort Naturista Grottamiranda, a naturist resort in Puglia, southern Italy.
Right now, the couple are in France and unable to travel to their resort, but they hope to return in June and reopen.
They expect their summer clientele will be largely local visitors — customers from the UK and elsewhere in Europe may struggle to visit this summer due to continued travel restrictions, mandatory quarantines and Covid-19 fears.

Martine Dutray says she’s not concerned.
“Our clientele is really very loyal,” she says, adding that many who canceled summer trips in February and March have rescheduled for the fall of 2021.

“You make some very genuine friendships that just don’t seem to happen in the clothed world,” says Parisian naturist president Luft, speaking about his trips to naturist resorts.
“I feel that every year when we go on a naturist holiday, we always meet some really interesting people that we just wouldn’t meet anywhere else.”

5 reasons you need to try a nude beach. And soon.

1. You aren’t getting any younger. Naturism helps with body image, allows you to get over yourself. If you are holding out until you look better, you may not ever look better than you do right now.

2. Wet, sandy bathing suits are uncomfortable. Being naked gets rid of that. And the feel of the sun and wind on your naked skin is one of life’s great pleasures.

3. No tan lines. “nuff said”.

4. Sensuality. This doesn’t mane sex and many beaches are family friendly. But it does allow for incidental contact between consenting adults and a chance to start the horizontal dance of the ages/

5. Everyone is welcome. Getting rid of trappings like clothes and jewelry let’s you deal with people authentically. And everyone is welcome. Look for a beach near you or join one of the upcoming Duckling travel adventures to someplace safe, friendly and clothing optional.

Top 8 travel must haves for romance adventurers

We believe that adventure travel is one of the best thing you can do for your relationship. It often requires a leap of faith, stepping out of your comfort zone and realizing that mini vacations are sometimes as effective as more exotic, elaborate get-aways. But if you are a super cool

We’ve come up with the top 8 travel must have’s for romance adventurers.

1. Tilley Clothes. We love the scrunch up, throw in a bag, mix and match, wash-in-the-shower travel collection of casual elegant travel clothes. We swear by the hats, buy them online and roll them into a tube for light, easy packing. We know a nudist friend that once traveled around nude St. Martin with nothing on but flipfops and a Tilley hat. The hat had his passport, hotel key and money in it.

2. We try to keep the shoes to 3 pairs each. Limit yourself to a casual super comfortable pair, a pair of flip flops/burks and a dress pair if needed.

3. Beach bag. We’ve got an old one we bought at Chapters that scrunches up but carries a ton of stuff. It has a secret pocket to store emergency money, and is bright and beachy.

4. Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant. It stays on even in hot tubs. And everyone (and we mean everyone says Sue the sex therapist) needs lube. We’ve used it as a moisturizer in a pinch and won’t stain clothes.

5. Baby wipes. They double as toilet paper and hand wipe’s and after play clean ups. We don’t leave home without them.

6. A collection of sealable plastic bags in different sizes. Good to keep things from leaking, important to put your liquids in for travel through security and great to keep things organized and cleaned up in the bottom of your bag.

7. Couple or personal business-type cards. We were first introduced these at Hedo where everyone had their names, email addresses and a picture of them in some vacation picture. Great way to stay in touch with friends and we now have quite a collection from all over the world. We got 500 for $20 off It allows you to give a fun description of your mission statement and they are a great way to connect.

8. Silk travel blanket — as warm as a regular blanket, yet takes up much less space. Pocket at bottom keeps feet toasty; blanket rolls up and tucks into a 12 x 4″ pouch you can toss in your carry-on. And silk is oh-so-nice on your skin and for cuddling together on long plane rides.