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Hello fellow Ducklings.

What great news – we can travel again!!! Lookout Mexico… Here we come!!! But before we hop on that six-hour flight to fun in the sun, there’s a few things we should consider and health and safety is number one, so lets talk about…

We all know how being cramped up on a long flight can cause ankles to swell and legs to ache. This is due to poor circulation from sitting in one position for long periods of time, preventing blood from flowing the way it should. Fortunately, compression socks offer a safe, simple, and inexpensive way to keep blood from stagnating.

These are specially made, snug-fitting socks that gently squeeze your legs, and help your veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently. Graduated compression socks apply more pressure at the ankles and less pressure further up the leg which helps to fight swelling and discomfort.

Compression socks aren’t just for travelling though. Marathon runners, athletes, hikers, and anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet can benefit from increased circulation. Better blood flow increases the oxygen being delivered to muscles, helping them to recover quickly which reduces soreness and cramping.

In addition to the health and wellness benefits, companies such as Sockwell are now producing compression socks in a variety of colours and patterns adding flair and style while putting the spring back in your step. Check out the full line of Sockwell socks at Adventure Clothing, where Ducklings get a 20% discount by entering the discount code DUCK20 when going through the website checkout.

Cheap cruises. How you can choose a cruise the night before for a few hundred dollars.

We understand how difficult it is to be a travel adventurer on a budget. Once you are past the living out of a back stage in student hostels, travel can get pricey. Even as writers we look for deals. All inclusive resorts can be a bargain if you can travel at the last minute. We like, and as a great place to compare travel spots and see what’s new and well priced.

But they don’t always have the cheapest spots for cruises. As we are based out of Central Florida in the winter, it is only an hour each way to either the big port at Tampa, or the smaller (but well priced) departure center at Cape Canaveral. Each spot has cruises that leave a number of times each week and do either the Gulf and Mexico, or the western Caribbean. Cruise ships prefer to be a full capacity. They make money on the alcohol and day trips, and it makes the experience seem more robust for everyone if more rooms are full. If you can wait until the day before, prices for cruises can be remarkable. You don’t have to live in Florida to be able to take advantage of cheap cruises.
We found direct Westjet flights to Orlando from Ottawa for $69 (plus tax for a total of $90 each way booked off of for most of January and inexpensive flights can be had from most major centers.

The traditional last minute cruise sites such as:


We’ve booked directly off of the day before. MSC Carribeean has a few cheap cruises as well. Take Advantage Of Our Last Minute Cruise Deals. Here’s the press release they sent us:

Embark on a journey from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the most beautiful ports of call in the Caribbean. Onboard take in the peaceful view of the Caribbean Sea from your private veranda on MSC Poesia. Graced with Italian hospitality, she offers a luxurious Balinese spa, sophisticated sushi bar and eco-friendly design and much more.
7 Night Cruises from $449*
For more information call 1.800.666.9333

So, there is no excuse not to sail the warm waters this year. We’ll see you on deck and we’ll do it for about $30 a day.

Red light, green light (travel to Mexico)

With all the publicised violence in Mexico (mostly related to the war on drugs), we thought it would be appropriate to write about our experiences. We have visited Mexico more than a dozen times, have travelled by car through large areas and have yet to have anything resembling a bad experience. In fact, we have been greeted warmly by locals and have many wonderful stories of truly pleasant people. Some of the people we met are now counted among our friends.

Getting there from anywhere in North America is fast and easy. No visa is required and your passport is the only documentation you will need. Red light, green light refers to the way the customs process is handled. After having your passport stamped in immigration, you pick up your luggage and line up for customs. In Canada or the US, you generally play 50 questions with the customs officer and then are free to go. In Mexico, you walk up to the officer and push a big button. The light comes on green or red and it is totally random. Green means you pass without any questions and are free to enter the country. Red means your bags are thoroughly searched on the spot and in the open. No talking your way out of anything and the Mexican authorities have zero tolerance for drugs or weapons. While most of the time you get green, we have done the “red” routine on at least one or two occasions. Be prepared to have your tighty whiteys open to the world and if you happen to be transporting any bedroom toys, I hope you don’t blush easily.

From the airport onward it is smooth sailing. You can have a car pre-rented or pick one up there easily. Gas is cheap and the roads are good. You can also pre-book transportation to the hotel if it is not included in your package. Nightlife is plentiful and safe. Basic safety applies as it would in all countries including here in Canada. Common sense also applies. Keep away from illegal substances or activities and Mexico is a great place to travel through.

Some thoughts for the drivers though. You will see military checkpoints along highways. They too are inspecting for weapons or drugs. They are heavily armed and look intimidating but pose no problem at all to vacationers. Stop, smile and open the trunk. They may or may not want to quickly open any suitcases. You are on your way in seconds without problems. They don’t ask for ID. And stick to the speed limits. The Federal police have a knack for spotting tourists speeding and are more than pleased to pull you over and ask for a generous donation. Always a good idea to have some cash on you in case you need to cover a fine.

Given our affection for the country and people of Mexico, it is disheartening to hear the media play up the relatively few incidents (and very few which involve innocent tourists). Don’t be afraid to consider it for your next relaxing inexpensive vacation. If you are a first timer, stick to the tourist areas of the Yucatan or the west coast. We would be happy to be on a plane there tonight.