Is your idea of a vacation where you get to sink down into one of those amazing hotel beds with your sweetie and not surface for 3 days? We painted that scenario to a group of friends and we all groaned with pleasure at the thought of three days of hibernating. If you believe the evolutionary biologists (and we do), we are meant to be in our caves sleeping away February. Or in our case, packing to head south somewhere. So many people have an amazing sleep in hotel rooms. The right temperature, absolute darkness and nobody disturbing you if you want to snuggle under that comforter. We brainstormed about the best hotels for staying in bed. The rule was, if you can’t do it in one of those bathrobes, then it didn’t count. So we explored our favourite best hotels to never get out of your bathrobe.

1. Anse Chastenet, St. Lucia. Those three sided rooms overlooking the Pitons that we raved about. You can stay in your room and still think you are outside. The individual plunge pools are luxurious. With an organic farm on site, the food was unbelievable. We loved the sleep as you felt you were sleeping outside.
2. Mkuze Falls, South Africa. Abject luxury. With an amazing view and wildlife roaming outside of your hut you wouldn’t even have to go on safari every day. The falls look like a scene from Jurassic Park. And our hut included the best King-like bed we’ve ever seen.
3. Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal. The scene of the most famous love in history. The place where John and Yoko holed up in nothing but their bathrobes. They have been catering to room service lovers for decades.
4. Sleeping Beauty Hotel, London. We know couples who checked into this hotel and didn’t come up for air for 2 days. We don’t know how much sleeping they got (smile), but they claimed the beds were amazingly comfortable.
5. Westin Vancouver. With a great view and one of those new dream beds. we liked the our stay. We also stayed at a Westin (Cape Town) in South Africa that was equally as amazing. Here’s why in one of their laest media releases:

“Hotels are in the business of selling sleep, but more than half of our customers don’t sleep well and most of them go home tired—not a great report card for the hotel industry,” said Barry Sternlicht, Chairman and CEO of Starwood Hotels Resorts Worldwide, Inc., Westin’s parent. “But it’s really no surprise. After all, a good bed is one of the most important components to a good night’s sleep, and hotels have been neglecting their beds for years.”
Well, no longer. Today Westin announced that it is putting 52,000 new beds in its 39,500 guestrooms in 83 hotels in North America—a $30 million investment. Called The Heavenly Bed, Westin’s new bed is a departure from your typical hotel bed. Sumptuous, stylish and plush, the all-white Heavenly Bed consists of a custom designed Simmons Beautyrest® pillowtop mattress set; a cozy down blanket; three crisp sheets ranging in thread count from 180-250; a comforter; a duvet; and five of the best pillows in the business.
Westin knows about good sleep.

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