Our Mission Statement and all that good stuff about who we are

Welcome to Playful Coconuts!

The travel information site geared strictly for couples (and a few adventurous singles looking for romance). It’s all about gazing into each other’s eyes, finding time alone together or in like minded groups, and bringing out the passion in your relationships. It is not about kids screaming, formal tour groups, or places your grandparents might find comforting.

Our mission statement is all about:
Sexy, romantic, connecting, adventure travel with integrity

Playful Coconuts is the definitive resource for what we like to call “saucy travel with your sweetie”. As clinical marriage therapists as well as travel journalists, we have travelled the world looking for the best places to go to re-kindle the passion, re-connect as partners, have the most fun, and re-claim time with your partner. We are intimacy personified when it comes to travel. Think of the movie “Couples Resort” only without the cheese.

We believe that unencumbered time and time together to recharge that lagging intimacy and is the single best thing you can do for your relationship. Let us show you how!

Keeping it hot after years of marriage is the number one question we get when we I talk at women’s groups.

We have had a tour of many of the “romance” vacation places in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe. Although many of these resorts as booming- incredibly busy and growing there are many questions that repeaters and newcomers alike need to know when adding spice and relaxed acceptance into their marriage. Even if it is only for a week. It is past time for a place where you can become an romantic vacationer. We save marriages.

Playful coconuts is the place to go for a vacation will set the bar higher and differentiate the resorts clearly from the “spring break” or conventional travel spots. Far more than a typical travel site, Playful Coconuts is the place that answers what takes many vacationers a full week and more than a few Mohito’s to really unwind and re-connect – intimately, spiritually, and excitedly in your marriage. We believe that “Life happens outside your comfort zone”.

You’ll find places that let you honeymooning privately (we focus more on the second and over 35 year old wedding spots), what is social nudity, where can we go to simple relax together, laugh-out-loud fun, adventures that get your adrenaline up and work as marriage glue, and where are the group hot tub places your travel agent won’t explain.

Come join us! Find the happening places and why you want to be there.
It’s a brave new world. Go forth and be silly, sexy, outrageous, or just quietly adventurous. Tying it all up, and concluding your new secret (or not so secret) identity as a Playful Coconut!