Eating Easter chocolate, and waxing poetic about the one you love. What is it about spring that encourages a renewed desire for intimacy? The increased Vitamin D from more sunshine? The extra magnesium and zinc from spring foods? Either way, spring is an excuse to eat large amounts of rhubarb (great for trace minerals and very high in Calcium and Vitamin C), fiddleheads and asparagus. According to the Sex in Springtime article in Psychology Today, there is a peak conception rate in late March or early April. The article goes on to say that semen quality is highest in the spring, and menopause may be delayed during the spring and summer. No matter what the reason, the days are longer, we are able to show a little more skin, and love is in the air. It may also be a great time to take your sweetie away for a romantic get away. According to the Travel News, the website for travel agents, Easter is moving up as a popular travel destination. In Orlando, the alligators are mating and Downtown Disney is hopping. Cuba is still an inexpensive 5 day destination holiday from any of the Canadian border cities. And its a great time to visit New York before best of Broadway goes on holidays, and the crowds descend on Time’s Square. Whatever you decide to do this weekend do it with love and oomph. You deserve it.

Happy Spring, Happy Easter and let’s hope there the warmer air puts a bounce in your step.spring1

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