Sue and Blaik. The Romance Adventure Travel Gurus. Walking the Walk…

Sue McGarvie and Blaik Spratt – Clinical Relationship Therapists, Romance Adventure Travel Experts and Journalists

Sue McGarvie has been a clinical relationship therapist for 19 years, with a background in reproductive medicine and psychology. She has also hosted a syndicated call in radio show, (CFRB- Toronto, CJAD- Montreal, and CKQB and CJOT- Ottawa) and an internationally renowned television series on Global Television and The Movie Network. She launched a Publicaly Traded company that developed a company that bid for the Single’s Channel and Passion television- new TV stations dealing with romance and relationships. She currently hosts a syndicated talk show called Love and Lipstick with Astral Media (Canada’s largest broadcaster) about relationships and romance targeted to women 30-50 in major Canadian markets. Sue, along with her partner Blaik Spratt have developed a new travel series about romantic adventure travel to couple vacation spots around the world. Blaik, a former golf course inspector specializing in southern grasses from the University of Georgia has travelled the globe, grading the best golfing in the world, and identifying where the grass is softest to lay out the picnic baskets. Between them, they have co-authored a new book about relationships called The Ethical Hedonist, and are much sought after speakers. Sue and Blaik have become the personalities exemplifying and modeling romance travel.

Together they have written articles on travel resorts in all over North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa, for travel media including Tango Diva, Brave New Traveler, Trip Lady, Naturally Magazine, and The Travel Magazine and Canwest Newspapers and other International Magazines. Blaik has used his presentation skills and business acumen to gain insights into popular culture and has presented with Sue at various conventions and seminars on relationship travel and trends and insights into romance and modern relationships. Founding members of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) in Canada, their humor and entertaining presentation is much sought after. They were nominated for Personalities of the Year for Travel Hot News Award of Merit in 2009 and are established travel media experts.